2003 Spring Pics Page

This page contains miscellaneous pictures from Shorin-ryu related events. Please click on the images below to enlarge.



ClassKneel.jpg (43709 bytes)

Training - Spring 2003



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Saturday Class

ClassSwordsR.jpg (34534 bytes)

Class with Swords

ClassOut.jpg (43328 bytes)

Class Standing

DavewBeer.jpg (25342 bytes)

Beer Disappearing

DickBob.jpg (33943 bytes)

Making Friends

FaceFeed.jpg (33485 bytes)

Feeding the Face


 ManShow.jpg (26399 bytes)

The Man Show


 MattBob.jpg (37034 bytes)

Close to you



 MinnGuysWSensei.jpg (35685 bytes)

Minnesota Men with Sensei


 ScottBob.jpg (38102 bytes)

Gaining Respect


  ScottwBeer.jpg (26519 bytes)

Beer Time


 Chiptoss.jpg (40078 bytes)

Chip Toss



 SwordBlockD&J.jpg (51762 bytes)

Weapon Block



 SwordBlockD&S.jpg (47179 bytes)

Stopping the Elbow



 SwordsD&L.jpg (47662 bytes)

Sword Kumite