2005 Fall Pics Page

This page contains miscellaneous pictures from Shorin-ryu events in Minnesota. Please click on the images below to enlarge.

Chest Block Demo

Chest Block Demo Line


Chest Block Demo


Chest Block Line Training

Chest Block Line 2

Chest Block Line 3

Group Kata

Front Snap Kick

Group Kata 2



Wanshu Kata



Group Kata 3




Group Kata 4


 Group Kata 5



Line Punching


Group Kata 6


Line Punch 2




Kata Demonstration




Open Hand Demonstration



Group Kata 7


Observing Technique

Front Snap Kick


Kata Start


Line Downblock

High Block


Line Front Snap Kick


Line Front Snap Kick 2

Group Kata 8


Group Kata 9



Group Center Punch


Group Center Punch 2


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