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Shorin-Ryu Matsubayashi

Blackbelt Conduct


Avoid self-conceit and dogmatism.

You must be deadly serious in training.

Lead by example. Never ask your students to do something that you cannot or would not do.

Train with both heart and soul without worrying about theory.

Abide by the rule of ethics in your daily life, whether in public or private.

Attend every class and always be on time.


Although you may be teaching, you are still a student. You will learn from your students during every class that you teach.

Keep the tradition of Shorin-Ryu strong. Stick to the basics as you’ve learned them. Classes should be made up of four segments:

   * Calisthenics (including Punches)

   * Floor exercises

   * Kata

   * One on One technique

(Calisthenics should be done throughout the training session)

Discipline is the lynchpin of this style, however be cognizant of any special needs of students. (Gender is not a consideration)

Expand your knowledge of the Martial Arts through observation, reading, demonstrations, socializing, etc.


Rank is permanent.

Rank is for the Dojo only, not for the public. Do not carry your belt exposed to and from the dojo.

Maintain skill anonymity. The fewer people that know you train, the better.

If two students have the same rank the one who has trained the longest is senior.

Rank of students who have stopped training for a period of time and are returning to the dojo is determined as follows.

      6th Kyu through 3rd Kyu – Seniority will determine where they stand in line, regardless of the length of time they have been "out".

      2nd Kyu and above – The student’s place in line will be determined by the Sensei of the dojo.

In the dojo, everything is done by rank.

(Suggestion: Do everything by rank when the class is together, even outside the dojo i.e. leaving the parking lot, entering buildings, ordering refreshments. This eliminates confusion and causes consternation among the public)

When training under a different Sensei, do what is instructed without question. (excluding physical harm)

As a Blackbelt, you have the authority to rank students up to and including your current rank.

All Blackbelts are automatically members of the American Shorinryu Federation, however there are no "Law enforcement" records of rank.


It is easier to be defensive as opposed to imposing your will on an opponent.

There is a certain "harmony" that comes from training but it is not a formal aspect of class.

No one should be promoted to Blackbelt that doesn’t exhibit a desire to teach and promote the style of Shorin-Ryu and the American Shorinryu Federation.