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Shorin-Ryu Matsubayashi

Dojo Etiquette

Rules of the Dojo (training hall)

  1. Pay respect (bow) when entering and leaving the dojo

  2. Always be on time

  3. Be quiet (communication between students, during class is not allowed)

  4. Be respectful of rank

  5. Always maintain rest position, unless told otherwise

  6. On those infrequent occasions when addressing your Sensei (teacher), address him/her as Sensei while in rest position

  7. If you leave the dojo before class ends, do not return until next training session

  8. Always keep the dojo clean and unobstructed prior to training period

  9. Always move quickly


Conduct outside the dojo

  1. Training is personal, maintain skill anonymity

  2. Indiscriminate use of skill will result in class or individual training privilege termination

  3. Instructor anonymity must be maintained

  4. Always be respectful and courteous of your sensei and brothers