Picture Page

This page contains miscellaneous pictures from all dojo's and Shorin-ryu related events. Please click on the images below to enlarge.


Saturday Party 2008


The High Sign


Deep Thoughts



Bowling Girls






K-Y Bowling Team






Snack Time



K- Y Team 2



nite2001.jpg (60510 bytes)

Florida Nite Life 2001



Florida Nite Life 2003

doug_dblbrk.jpg (23688 bytes)

Double Break

AfterClass.gif (57505 bytes)

After Class Fall 2000

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Double Break

jay_shuto.jpg (10120 bytes)

Shuto Break

 Class101201.jpg (26073 bytes)

Fall Training 2001

jay_brk1999.jpg (14466 bytes)

Fist Break


jeff_wanshu.jpg (24512 bytes)

Wanshu Kata



 oldpiper.jpg (41729 bytes)

 Old Piper Time


scott_singbrk.jpg (27639 bytes)

Fist Break






GatorInBushes.jpg (140253 bytes)

Gator in the Bushes Spring 2002




                  ClassFR.jpg (25484 bytes)

                    Fighting Stance


Class Spring 2004

ClassS.jpg (27925 bytes)

 2003 Class