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American Shorin Ryu Federation (ASF)


"To commit oneself and inspire others to a life-long, traditional and disciplined training in the art of Shorin-Ryu (Matsubayashi-Ryu) Karate. That commitment is to become exceptional martial artists while adapting the peaceful, honorable and humble principles of Karate-do."

ASF Values

  • Courtesy -The practice of Karate begins and ends with courtesy. A karateka must show courtesy to others even if his/her technique or rank is superior.

  • Diligence -Constantly strive to achieve higher personal levels of technical excellence in kata performance , fighting skills, supportive karate methods, tools and techniques

  • Teaching -Teach and train all those who wish to learn regardless of gender, religion, race and social beliefs. Condition the body, cultivate the techniques, and foster the courage that will follow.

  • Unity - Recognize that members of the ASF train in similar methods and experience life together in a common and unique way. The spiritual bond that develops from this process needs to be respected and maintained.